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Professional Aerial Photography

£495.00 excl. VAT

The aim of the course is to teach the skills required to capture fantastic pictures and film using a multi-rotor. This one-day course is a theory and practical course aimed at candidates who wish to master the basic skills of photography and cinematography from the air.

Suitable for both professional drone pilots and also for non-commercial drone pilots wishing to expand and develop their photography and cinematography skills.

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Course Aim

  • Maximum of 6 candidates per course. Small groups allow the trainer to tailor the course to each candidate’s experience level and any particular individual requirements
  • Experienced photographers and drone operators teach every course
  • The course is for the multi-rotor <20kg category. The day is divided between theory training and practical. Includes (weather permitting) a demonstration of various flying techniques to maximise photography and cinematic effects and time for the candidates to practise techniques using their own aircraft
  • Variety of locations (High Wycombe, Newbury, Andover, Portsmouth)
  • Candidates are required to provide their own equipment and Public Liability insurance if they wish to fly. Exact requirements can be discussed with Kittyhawk Drones staff

Course Content

  • Safety and Workload – safe operations are paramount. Workload management techniques to balance safe flight of the aircraft with operation of the camera
  • Cameras – different types of drone camera available; how the camera can affect the quality of shot, plus camera limitations such as sensor size and number of pixels
  • Light – the importance of light. How to be smart with a drone to use light to your advantage and gain the maximum impact from the shot
  • Focal length & Exposure– different aircraft have a variety of cameras all with unique focal lengths. How to understand the difference and how to use it to your advantage. How to use a combination of the 3 elements of exposure (shutter speed, aperture and ISO) to capture incredible images
  • Compostion – professional tricks and tips to compose the perfect shot from the air
  • Drone Filming Techniques – how to achieve cinematic aerial shots with different manoeuvres and combined gimble operation
  • Weather – how weather can affect the shot, such as wind, visibility and sunlight
  • Perspective – How to use the aircraft position to maximum advantage
  • Files & Formats – how to choose the most suitable type of file and picture profiles for drone cameras from the various types available

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