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Drone flying through a beautiful sunset

At Kittyhawk Drones our aim is to enhance aviation safety within the Unmanned Air System (UAS) industry.  To achieve this, one of our objectives is to assist UAS Operators to fly safely and legally, secure in the knowledge that as a PfCO holder they comply with current regulations and have the most up-to-date information available. In line with the wider aviation community, we also want UAS Operators to feel able to ask for help when needed and to know they can check their understanding of the regulations before flight if required.  UAS Operators need not feel stranded or confused, but instead feel secure in the knowledge that Kittyhawk Drones is available to support them when required.

Over the course of the next 18 months, UK and EU drone regulations are set to change significantly; there will be an additional burden on UAS Operators to comply with the new regulations to ensure they maintain safe and legal flights.  It is highly likely that the Operations Manual will require a comprehensive update.  Kittyhawk Drones also understand from our customers that many would benefit from planning advice and guidance – the ability to ask experienced drone professionals for help and advice when planning a drone operation – again to ensure they are operating legally, safely and with confidence.

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