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About Us

At Kittyhawk Drones we are passionate about unmanned aviation and we strive to pass on our knowledge to others, enhancing safety and professionalism within our industry.  The founders of Kittyhawk Drones became involved with commercial unmanned aviation from its early beginnings and have built up a wide range of knowledge and experience in training, support and commercial work.  We offer a wide range of services, to cater for every requirement, whether you are a professional drone operator or a novice, require our aerial imagery services or simply want some advice.


Our training courses cater for every drone pilot, from newcomers to experienced drone operators wanting to enhance a particular skill such as aerial photography or running their own business. All our instructors are professional aviators with a mix of experience from civil airlines, military aviation and experienced drone operators, all of whom provide first-class training.

Support Packages

We understand that keeping up to date with the regulations as a busy drone operator can be a challenge, particularly given there will be a significant shift in regulatory requirements over the next 18 months.  We offer specific tailored support packages to help keep your Ops Manual compliant with current regulations.  We will also keep you up to date as the regulations change, with detailed analysis of what the changes will mean and how it will affect you and your drone operations.

Aerial Photography

Small unmanned aircraft can offer an amazing viewpoint of the world.  The capabilities and wide number of applications for drones has really captured our imagination.  We have been using drones for many years to take stunning aerial images and films.  We offer a comprehensive aerial imaging service from aerial photography to surveying and filming.



We are professionals in our business.  Our staff include professional photographers, experienced drone pilots, airline pilots, ex-military specialists and experts in business.  We combine this vast knowledge and experience to ensure we deliver a professional first-class service to every client.


We are experts in the drone industry.  Our training team gained their professional training experience working for a CAA approved unmanned aviation ‘NQE’ training school and have trained and supported hundreds of commercial drone operators.  In addition, we have been operating drones commercially for over 6 years and, as some of our team are also commercial pilots, we have a deep understanding of aviation. Above all else, we place safe operations as our top priority.


At Kittyhawk Drones, great customer service is at the heart of our business model because we are genuinely passionate about what we do well.  Consistent customer feedback has emphasised the quality of our work, our ability to exceed customer expectations and the peace of mind that our clients have, knowing they can trust Kittyhawk Drones to deliver.

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